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Water Treatment Plants

Water treatment plant is a generic term. This term is used whenever water is treated to make it is suitable for use in specific manner and application.whne Water treatment plant is installed, the quality of wastewater is analysed and accordingly waste water treatment plants are established by the professional engineers. Waste water treatment plants have different methods to work and to clean the water. Some are: Physical Process: In which water is stored in big tanks for long time. Some contaminants may lay on water surface or some hard contaminants may lay down at the bottom. So first surface dust can be cleaned and rest of the water may be transferred to another tank. and bottom contaminants may be disposed off. Chemical process: Once the hard contaminants are cleaned, chemical is used to finish the harmful dissolvents. The motive of this process is to clean the infected water and to diminish the odour. Biological Process:Water may contain some organic and in-organic supplements which are to be removed completely. In this process, the water is tested and filteration process is started through different machineries, RO Systems and Plants.

Pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology units require even more critical water each tailored its own need. In critical industry they are further purified by RO Process and even distillation/ double distillation to avoid pyrogens and pathogens that can cause pathogenic reactions from harmful substances and organisms. They are critical in drug preparations, brewing industries. Anti fungal treatment are also required in preservation industries.

Industrial water and Boiler feed water treatment plant. Many industrial applications require Demineralised water. In addition to the water being free of suspended impurities, colloidal impurities and biological contaminants need to be free of any dissolved salts as these salts form a a hard scales in the boiler which causes corrosion to the boiler walls and could cause premature failure of boilers ans also reduce the main conductivity of boiler wall thus reducing the efficiency of the boiler. These use Ion Exchange plants to convert the dissolved salts and remove them in a chemical exchange form both to remove cations and anions. These are particularly critical for use in Boilers, Process Plants, Paper mills, textile dyeing plants. Digesters.

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