Sewage Water Treatment Plant

Sewage treatment is a solution through which wastewater is treated to make it re-usable. There are various process used to treat the sewage water like storing the water into tanks and splitting the surface water. Or using Pumping machine to throw out the waste from the water. To deal the sewage water in a wider way, we will discuss the types of sewage water treatment plants;- According To Size:- 1. Package Type Sewage Treatment Plants:- This plant may follow the techniques of MBBR, SAFF, SBR, MBR. It is semi-automatic in nature and easy to install & maintain. This is basically used in medium scale industries, housing complex, labour camps etc. 2. Container Type Sewage Treatment Plant:- It is operated in semi-automated way with plug & play operation methodology. It follows the technique of MBBR, SAFF & MBR. It is easy to install, operate, transport and maintain. This is basically used in IT Complex, Hotels & Restaurants, Labour Camps etc. 3. Civil Type Sewage Treatment Plant:- It is little complex as compare to above plants. It is semi-automated in nature and requires minimum maintenance. The treated water can be used for irrigation, gardening, and flushing purposes. This type of plant is sed in large societies, Hospitals, Hotels, large scale industries and commercial complex. In short, it is ready made sewage treatment solutions for complex huge buildings. 4. Compact Modular Type Sewage Treatment Plant:- This handles the smallest capacity of the wastewater and based on SAFF & MBBR technique. It is skid mounted and semi-automated. It takes small place to install and operate. It is highly used in small scale industries like schools, small shops or malls, bungalow, restaurants. This is small in size but works like the bigger plants. Apart from the above mentioned Sewage Treatments Plants, Two more common types of STP Plants are widely manufactured and installed which are:- 1. Aerobic Sewage Treatment Plants:- This follows the simple method of treating the wastewater. It converts the organic matters into biogas through micro orgasms. It is effective methods for treating the wastewater rich with BOD & COD and used for the Dyeing, Pulping, Textile & paper industries. It help to keep the bacteria alive and makes the water odor free. This is why it is called Aerobic Bacteria. 2. Anaerobic Sewage Water Treatment Plant:- It is easy to install and energy efficient and durable. seeding process is used to treat the taste water. This is effectively used for municipal process, food industry, Beverage Industry, off-shore rigs, Dyeing industry, Pulping industry. It is comparatively a slow process which may take up to 3 months.

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