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Effluent Water Treatment Plant

Effluent treatment plant is where industrial waste treated after utilization. We use the reclaimed water from the plant effluent to wash down equipment. We use reclaimed water for watering landscaping and some plants use it to flush their toilets.

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Water Softener Plant

The technology most commonly used for a local drinking water treatment plant in a building (such as an apartment, hotel, office tower, etc.) is going to be a particle filter paired with an ion exchange water softener. But it is also going to depend on just how bad the incoming water quality is.

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Iron Removal Plant

Iron removal plant allows removing Iron, dirt, turbidity from water using a filtration process where water is passes through a porous medium. Water is treated carefully in these plants to make it safe for drinking and other uses.

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Sewage Water Treatment plant

Sewage treatment may be a method wont to convert waste material into an effluent which will come back to the water cycle with minimum impact on the atmosphere, or directly reused. The latter is termed water reclamation as a result of treated wastewater will then be used for alternative functions.

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